JoinTherapeutics S.r.l. was established in 2014 with the aim of building up a new paradigm in regenerative medicine.


In-depth R&D programs, solid know-how, enthusiastic personnel and extensive market analyses shaped Jointherapeutics in a way that promoted the development of unprecedented biomimetic systems.


Since its early operation years, the Company has adopted a Full Outsourcing Setup (F.O.S) which allowed a perfect fitting of its R&D drivers with state-of-the-art industrial capabilities and Scientific Academic Excellence.


As a result, JoinTherapeutics is now ready to provide the market with unprecedented solutions, new biomolecules and ultimately innovative products.


Jointherapeutics is fully committed to the improvement of people’s well-being in conditions deeply affecting the quality of life.

Our first lines of intervention are directed to support:

• the ability to move: muscle-skeletal diseases such as osteoarthritis (OA) and osteoporosis are among the leading causes of disability worldwide. We envision to support people’s quality of life by proposing world class functional nutraceuticals and by keeping our best efforts in the development of advanced i.a. treatments.

• the nervous system’s health: neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia are not only dramatically common but a nightmare for those who suffer. We want to get a rid of them in a holistic fashion; no drugs or unwanted effects, only true benefits by the most advanced integrated nutritional approach.

• self-esteem and skin aging: feeling comfortable with our appearance improves our self-confidence and we believe that caring for our skin is one of the starting points. Our research is running: so far, we have developed a biomimetic filling matrix for tissue remodelling and we are looking forward to finding partners to move on.

From our perspective, healthy aging is longer living by other means.


According to recent research, cellular senescence is involved in several conditions and is responsible, if not for the onset, for the progression of the disease. Thanks to the modulation of specific receptors, we can counteract cellular senescence and ultimately improve the state of health.


Among all the new discovered biomarkers, we studied and verified the effects of the biomimetic activation of cannabinoid type II receptors (CB2) and the downregulation of specific β-galactoside-binding proteins (Galectins) in several conditions deeply affecting the quality of life, such as arthritis, low back pain and many others.


Jointherapeutics is delighted to offer world class nutraceutical formulae based on natural CB2 activators and sophisticated biomimetic polymers able to interact with Galectins.



Jointherapeutics, from the very beginning, has been focused on the development of innovative nutraceutical formulae characterised by state-of-the-art functional ingredients capable to sustain the nutrition and counteract the stress of target tissues, aiming at a 360° customer benefit.


Furthermore, we pioneered the use of a specific cannabinoid receptor agonist obtained from very common spices for the support of healthy movement and the nerves’ well-being.


Discover our state-of-the-art products at the dedicated ARTY bio website (link) and find more available formulae ready to be licensed out.


Our Company owns extensive know-how in targeted modification of natural polysaccharides widely used in the medical field, such as Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Chitosan (CS), for instance.


Custom linear modifications, cross-linking techniques and synergistic formulations are mastered by our team, who can provide all-inclusive solutions.


Moreover, advanced and patented new biopolymeric systems characterised by demonstrative RTL are ready to be licensed out.

The article intitled: ‘The Viability and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Hyaluronic Acid-CHITLAC®-Tracimolone Acetonide-β-Cyclodextrin Complex on Human Chondrocytes’ is available online on Cartilage.

The paper written by researchers of the University of Padua (Italy), was published on line in the February, 28 2020 of Cartilage. The aim of the study was to o compare the effects of the…


The article intitled: ‘Anti-Inflammatory Performance of Lactose-Modified Chitosan and Hyaluronic Mixture in an In Vitro Macrophage-Mediated Inflammation Osteoarthritis Model’, was published on Cells, an open access journal

The article written by researchers of the University of Padua (Italy) was published in the May 2020 issue of Cells (volume 9(6), pages 1328-1342)…